Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Headin' for home

I'm almost finished with these. The pictures are bad but it's the best I can do at this point. You can kind of see the texture that I was talking about in my last post. Super fun to knit.

I have to do the finishing on two more and then I'm totally finished. I HATE production. Note to not agree to this again. EVER.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pit stop

I'm out of yarn.

Whew, I think I'm knitting faster than ever. I've almost finished another top. I have about maybe 2" to the underarm bo and then just the racer back and scoop neck. Maybe another 1/2 a ball.

I'm using Cotton Classic. The white is incredible. It is really making a beautiful fabric. This top is going to sell for something like 350.00 at retail. Crazy, I know. I don't think even when it's finished that I'll be able to get a good photo of all of the insane things I'm doing on the front. I'll explain: I'm knitting in the round. The back is straight stockinette. The front is stockinette but I'm pulling sts. from below and to the left or right and knitting them with the st. on the needle. So it creates this very texturized fabric. (see Sheila Hicks for inspiration!). It's super cool and very free spirited. No set pattern. Each top is unique. No two are the same. Priceless! They are very refreshing to knit because I have total freedom.

However, the hat that I'm supposed to crochet for monday is making me a little nervous. I think I'll be using A LOT of markers. I mean you literally cannot see anything with this yarn. When I finish up the tops and start on the hat, I'll take some pics. It's going to end up looking like one of those hats that russian men wear. You know sort of like what's her name in Austin Powers. The dominatrix type that hung with Dr. Evil. What is her name? Bah. I'll show you in a day or two!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Hey homey! Did you see my Janome?

That's right, my new sewing machine was delivered this afternoon. Yay.

The box that it came in....

The hard protective cover....

a not so great photo of the dashboard!

How unfortunate that 1. my sewing class was cancelled for tomorrow. My sewing teacher is on a deadline. She's sewing night and day to get it all finished. 2. My Knit Simple deadline was moved up from April 2nd to March 21st. 3. My tank tops are due on friday. and 4. I took on a little crochet project that I thought would be super easy. tape like fuzzy yarn that needs to be crocheted on a hook that's about 5 sizes smaller than it should be on. I've swatched it 6, yes 6 times and still cannot get gauge. It's due monday. So NO SEWING FOR ME TONIGHT :(

Anyway, here's a tank top in white. It's impossible to see what's happening here with it. It literally just came off the needles and it needs to be "finished". It gets a crochet trim around the neckline, some weaving in, some steaming....

Gotta cast on for another one! No time for a test drive of my new machine. Whaaaaaaaaaa.

Oh crap!

I didn't knit any tank tops. I know, what a surprise. I never saw that one coming! Anyway, I now have a new policy...No winding of eco-wool until the tank tops are complete! Here's where I am as of this afternoon....One ball of yarn. 478 yards. 11 inches into this beaut...

I had a plan before I started this sweater but about 6" into it I had a panic attack. So I started the decreases sooner than planned. Because there are so many stitches on the needle, it's impossible to tell what's up. I'm also deliberating over the length. I just can't decide. I was originally going to make it about 6" longer than CB length. You know, more hip length. But then I thought, hmm maybe it would be nicer a bit shorter. Grrrrrr. I can't decide. So, I'm at 11". I think I'll go to about 14 and take another look. It's critical because I need to do the final decrease to make the whole thing come together. Ahhhhhhhhh. It makes me nuts! I love it!

I went to the String one day moving sale today. I was there a little early and thank goodness was in the first round of people to be let in. I picked up a bag of black Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere for 3.oo a ball (10 balls = $30 bucks for the bag), 4 balls of a rust/dark orange Big Tweedy Cashmere for 8.50 each and 3 hanks of Classic Elite Indulge in a brown/beige. They were supposed to be 20.00 each but I think I was only charged 2.00! I paid cash so I'm not completely sure. Anyway, I think I did ok. No purples or yellows or anything that I won't ever use. Mostly cashmere (my current favorite) I think I can honestly say that as of today I have control in yarn sale environments. (gold star to me!)

I watched the Academy Awards tonight. Such pretty dresses...My only question is what happened to Philip Seymour Hoffman?

Oh, so I had this idea to stencil on a sweater. Maybe using bleach or fabric paint. Think it would work? I want to make a man's vest. I want to stencil a deer or something on it.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Off to work...

This is 2 rows past the 1st decrease row.

Yes. It's coming to work with me. I'll have a good 2 hours to knit before anything crazy happens. If all goes well, maybe I can get to the 2nd decrease????


That's how many stitches I have ribbed to get to my first row of decreases. Phwew! Exactly 5". And by the way, exactly what I calculated based on my handy dandy swatch. Yahoo! Now, let's see, I'll decrease one st every 8 sts across and then rib those for another 24 rows. and then Eureka! another decrease. Maybe there will be enough knitting at that point to show. I mean I have used 3/4 of a ball of Eco Wool which has 400 something yards on it. Ouch. It doesn't look like much but that's a lot of yarn used up in 5".

I know this doesn't resemble white cotton classic and a tank top. I couldn't do it. I'm not getting paid enough to deny myself this much fun. I swear, I'll work on the tank tops tomorrow. I have to. They have to be delivered sometime this week.

Back to the ribbing!

Friday, February 23, 2007


It's pathetic when you have to negotiate with yourself about what you might knit. That is where I find myself. I have to finish up production on the tank tops. I have 2 left. Don't get me wrong, these are really awesome. They are amazing. Interesting to knit, blah, blah, blah. But I REALLY want to knit this ribbed sweater. So I made a deal with myself. If I finished up the black tank tops, I could start the sweater. Which is exactly what I did.

I'm about maybe an inch and a half into it. 291 stitches of pure love! It took me 3 tries on my first row to get the kooky ribbing right. Yes that means that I cast on 893 sts before I could even start. and I still LOVE this thing! I have to head off to work and I think I'll bring this for the subway ride. I mean the yarn for the tank tops is white for crying out loud. I'll start the white tops tomorrow. I'll work on them all day, I promise. Just a little more eco-wool love!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Let the swatching begin

Ok, first up is the Eco-wool single strand swatch of ribbing. It's hard to get a good color but it's pretty much the color of oatmeal. I love it. So, basically what I wanted to do is start with a bunch of stitches and then decrease inconspicuously as I progressed up the swatch. I think I accomplished this. I started out with a k3, p5 rib then k3, p4, then k3,p3, etc. Of course this is going to become a sweater. Probably like a swing jacket with buttons only at the top. I can't wait to cast on!!!

Next up is the yarn from Soho Publishing. They picked one of my submissions and this is the yarn. It's super pretty. Seems pretty simple. And I have a ton of time to knit up the sample. yay! The color is off but you get the idea.

Unfortunately, I'm still doing production on the tank tops. oh well. I'm about to start the white ones. But I had a brilliant idea. I'm going to knit up a sample in lace weight cashmere or silk/mohair or something yummy. I'll show pics whenever I get around to it.

I can't stop thinking about it

I just got home from work and all I've been able to think about is knitting. I worked for a while on the production pieces but it was way too dark to be knitting with black cotton. And then for the next oh 5 hours all I did was think about the things I wanted to make. I sketched a couple of items but all I wanted to do was start swatching. Now that I'm home, I have to go to bed.

I guess big things are in store for me tomorrow!(I mean today)!! I can't wait.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


I have three drafts that I've never posted. They were all bartending related. None of them were very nice! I needed some r&r since I worked last week. I had a serious attitude problem So best that I keep it all to myself and let it just fizzle out. The past 3 weeks have been totally exhausting. But I'm feeling 100% better. I'm rested. I'm relaxed. I've recovered from the nightmare that is my current job! The closer it gets to being over, the closer I get to losing my mind! ahh, enough said.

I got an email from Soho publishing yesterday saying some yarn is on the way. Whatever they picked (it's for Knit Simple) they want me to make it in a size 12. Apparently the yarn is super awesome. So I'm looking forward to getting that in the mail.

I'm doing production on Tom Scott's s/s '07 tank top that I knit for him. I hate production. I don't want to make the same thing over and over again. Plus he's not paying me a whole lot of money. argh. Why do I agree to this? ah, whatever...I don't have to make that many. And I am getting paid.

I just started thinking about MDS&W....If you know what that is, are you thinking about it?

I made 2 earflap hats. I don't have any photos. I'm definitely going to submit the pattern somewhere. I've tweaked it so that it really fits great plus I've sized it in a super easy way so that it can fit small or large heads. Plus the bonus is that it takes literally about 2 hours to make. I've made them out of super yummy cashmere.

I haven't been designing too much lately. I've been practicing my sketching on the subway like crazy. It's amazing how much better and more precise and more aware you get when you practice.

I'm making a different dress in my sewing class. It's a girls dress with a petticoat. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to show. I was asked to make it and I couldn't say no! The fabric is super cute, the tulle is fun and it's a great dress for me to practice on. P & S on lower broadway has been saying that they are closing for like 2 months but they really aren't. All of their patterns are on sale and I think all of the notions are on sale for maybe 33% off. Anyway, they are moving somewhere close by so not to worry. Thank goodness because there really isn't any place like it in the city. If you ask for patterns in a midtown fabric store they look at you like you are so lame. And then they tell you that they don't sell patterns. I think you are supposed to make your own! I finally bought a new pair of scissors. I've been using my kitchen shears! And I loaded up on a bunch of patterns. Patterns are expensive! It's nice when they are on sale.

One more thing, I'm always getting on the bandwagon late. I've discoverd the Quilts of Gees Bend. OH MY GOD. If you haven't seen these things, you need to drop everything and google them. Their story is incredible and their art is amazing. I'm so inspired. I want to knit strips of fabric and then seam them together. I can't stop thinking about it. I hope I can find the time to swatch.

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sniffle, sniffle

I've been feeling totally under the weather for the past 5 days. It's very weird because it's affecting my left nostril, left sinus and left ear. Didn't I pass the ear infection phase a long time ago?

Anyway, this is what's been going on...

The new issue of Knit.1 came out.

Here's my contribution. You may remember a past post or two complaining about the breast portion of this top. The picture looks cute so I'm relatively happy.

I finished the thrummed mitts. I worked these up pretty fast because it was really cold outside. They are great. AND REALLY WARM. I ran out of roving so I had to run to downtown yarns and pick up some more. While I was there I decided to make the thumbs orange. So I grabbed some Rowen tweed. I love my mitts. Everyone wants to try them on! Next time I'll be making them up on my own. I'm not a kit person and I definitely prefer to design my own things. But because I felt so crappy I thought it would be nice tojust be told what to do.

I submitted 2 designs to Vogue for their fall issues. I got an email yesterday suggesting that they have picked one or both of them.

That's about it. Except I'm making a couple of cashmere earflap hats. Maybe I'll start (and finish) those up today and tonight at work. Hopefully photos tomorrow.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Odd & Ends

1. We received a letter of acceptance from LaGuardia H.S. ! And in addition to that, we also got one from Beacon. Decisions are due at the end of February. I can't begin to describe the excitement around here!

2. I met with the headhunter yesterday and they suggested that I might want to get involved with something that I did a bunch of years ago. They are thinking a position having to do with performance fabrics, etc. Yuk. I felt slightly discouraged because all that I want to do is knit. However, I guess I'll explore the opportunities just to be sure it isn't something that I'd like to do. I mean, for a bunch of years I was terribly interested in state of the art, performance wear. I got to work with some of the top manufacturers and it was really cool. I just thought that I had left all that behind. We'll see....

3. I met a couple of producers from the Today Show last night while I was at work. They were super nice. And after a few drinks they started to reveal some show secrets. I asked them a bunch of questions like what happened to Alexis Glick...After they picked themselves up off the floor from laughing so hard, explained that she was a horrible person and everyone was really glad that she was gone. They said that Matt is a foul mouthed prankster but unbelievably nice and that he and Meredith have some kinks to work out. Also that the show is going to go to 11:00. WHAT? I can't take Anne and Al for another hour. I also wanted to know if anyone other than me thought is was rude that the two stars don't sign off so to speak at 9. I think it's so weird that they just disappear. Don't you? They said I was alone in feeling that way. Anyway, they were nice and it made the night go by a little faster.

4. I finished one of my thrummed mitts. I LOVE it!!!! Well, I didn't actually finish it. I left the thumb off until I complete the second one. I'm a little worried that I'm not going to have enough yarn and roving. So I thought I could always use a contrasting color yarn for the thumbs. It was so cold at work last night that I wore my one thumbless mitt all night.

5. My mom did it again, only this time she hurt her other knee. Surgery might be in order this time. Argh...I think my sister is going to go and check on her to make sure through her stubborness that she is ok. I hope so...

6. My sister in law had to put her bunny, Izzie, down the other night. Izzie's the one that jumped down and somehow broke her back. She also had something called pseudamonis (sp?) that was making her really sick. I guess it all got to be too much for the little bunny. I'm sorry to see her go. She was a sweetie.

I guess that's it for now. I'll be off to work soon. My new hair colorist is going to a party where I work tonight. How funny is that. I hope my hair looks ok!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Look who's thrumming

I bought a Thrum Mitts kit, actuallly 2, at the Adirondack Yarn Co. in Lake Placid 3 years ago from Fleece Artist. I was stash diving yesterday afternoon looking for some yarn to make a coat and instead I found the kits. I started this one I guess 3 years ago but never checked gauge and after knitting up 3/4's of one I stopped because it was too big. Well last night at work I ripped the mitt and started over. It's super fun to do - a bit clumsy when thrumming - but fun.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Headhunters, oh brother!

I'm meeting with a headhunter tomorrow afternoon. They are almost as bad an nyc real estate "brokers". They both make you feel gross and cheap. But they are a necessary evil....

So, I'm printing out a bunch of photos from some recent knitting. Wow! I knit a lot! I never really think about how much I've done but when it's sitting in front of me on little 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper it's A LOT! Wow and double wow.

The meeting is no big deal. They just have to see you in person so that if they send you to say Calvin Klein or Marc Jacobs that you look presentable. It's a total pain in the neck but it's close to work and it's probably a good idea to pull my stuff together.

On the knitting front, I have nothing going on right now. I'm thinking of knitting a coat. Maybe because it's cold out though I've been thinking about knitting one for a while. I should design it myself but there was a super cute pattern in the last issue of Rebecca. (Not the spring issue, the winter issue). Maybe I'll start with that and see where I end up. I also really thought that the entrelac coat in Vogue was amazing. Wouldn't it be great to get a jump on holiday knitting?

I started a dress yesterday in my sewing class. I think I'm in the market for a new sewing machine. My current one is fine but there are some tension issues that I'm not sure can be fixed. I asked my mom what she thought because, ahem, she's an amazing seamstress. She emailed some ideas to me so I'm going to surf the internet and see what I come up with. I don't need anything too fancy but I want a really solid machine. I want to be able to sew basic clothing but also some home decor pieces. And who knows maybe some day far far away, I'll quilt.

I'm off to shop in my stash!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's bitter cold outside

Enough said.

The mayor opened up warming centers tonight that are located in areas where they have received numerous calls about buildings without heat. It's significant because in the past these centers were opened in central locations. This time around they are in the actual neighborhoods that most need them. But guess what... no one has gone to the centers. They are completely empty. What's up with that? Why won't people leave their freezing homes? and why won't homeless people come out of the cold? It's really upsetting and disturbing. I don't want the cold to go away because I think we need it but I really want people to be safe and warm. grrrrrr.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Oops, I did it again...#3

I made the bottom one during 24 tonight.

I think I'm done. (Except I do have some white left over.) Why didn't I make this thing for everyone for christmas?

This one is even smaller. 76 sts. but it looks like I made it wider. I don't know, Jack's brother and father were doing some bad things and I got distracted....


My hair is done and so is this! I reduced the cast on to 84 sts. and only did 4 repeats of the short rows. It fits perfectly. It's also in Jade Cashmere SIX ply. Oh yeah. I'm not kidding. This stuff is good. It's so cold out today and my hair salon is in the west village (which is very, very close to the Hudon River = very windy!) I wore the red one when I went out and it was actually super warm. Cute & Functional. Plus I have 1/2 a ball of red and 1/2 a ball of white leftover. hmmm.

I've joined the band wagon

Well, here it is. I couldn't just enjoy a free night. No plans. No deadlines. No work. Instead, having visited Purl earlier in the day and snagging 2 skeins of jade cashmere 6 ply, I decided to whip this out. It the thing everyone is knitting from

Instead of totally following the pattern, I cast on 20 fewer sts and did far fewer short rows. It's tooo big so I'm gifting it to a fellow girltender. However, since I said I bought 2 skeins of jade cashmere, while I'm sitting at Eva Scrivo's hair salon today I think I'll make one for me. It's in cream. This thing takes about an hour to make. And about 1/2 a skein. So instead of the 35.00 per skein you could conceivably get two which brings it down to 17.50 per headband. No so bad considering how incredible this yarn is.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

My stuff looked great!

Here's a shot from the Tom Scott show yesterday. It was really awesome seeing my work on live models. It was very early in the morning and I was super tired but WOW! it was cool.

This is the garter front/stockkinette st. back sweater with the calculated mistakes. I had to change one sleeve to stockinette because the garter stitch sleeve looked like a weapon. I also added some ribbing to the bottom. The sleeves were intended to be extra long. This girl is THIN! and she looks bulky in this sweater. Maybe 3 ends of Eco Wool around the waist/hip area is not such a great idea!

It was freezing cold last night (or this morning!) at 5am when I was coming home. It seemed to take forever to get a cab.

I am now smelling Maple Pecan pancakes coming from the kitchen!

Must Go Eat Pancakes!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tons of Taupe!

Ok, so I got up yesterday with a spring in my step at 6am. I put in a practice zipper, whipped up some cookies and packed up my 5 fabulous pieces for Tom Scott. I headed downtown with a big to do list and popped in to Tom's to give him the great knits.

not so fast.......

The brown pieccs (2) were great. However, the taupe pieces were not so great. Along with my to do list, I had 3 taupe knits with me when I left his studio. WHAT. I WANT TO BE FINISHED! I went to midtown and picked up some fabric and a couple of patterns for tuesdays sewing class. (hoping that would brighten my spirits - which it did!) Then instead of everything else on my list I came home and started reknitting and redesigning. Arggggh.

I had to work last night and of course since it was wednesday, I brought ALL of my knitting. It was amazing how much work I got done. Sleeves, ribbings, dns's, circs, all while making green tea martinis... So when I got up this morning I was in really good shape. I have now officially (I think) finished! I'm just washing the last piece and will block it as soon as I publish this. Phwew!

Off to work....