Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blanket's Finished

I'm not sure about this. I was going for a little 70's action. Which I think I accomplished. But now I'm wondering if anyone would really want a giant granny square baby blanket in these colors. I'll probably add some tassels to the ends? or maybe pom poms? But really, who wants this? If I was sending this off to a magazine I wouldn't question it at all. But that it's for a friend...hmmmm.

I've been super busy working on opening a new or rather rebranded restaurant/lounge. So I haven't had much time to do anything other than that. However, this was finished so fast! It's amazing how much faster crochet is than knitting. I still am not the biggest fan but I do (for some strange reason) like the granny square. It must have something to do with my childhood?

On a sadder note, I lost one of my thrummed mittens that I made a few years ago. It is now somewhere between Soho and DUMBO. But really, who's the dumbo? The good news is that I have another set of thrummed mitts ready to be knit up. These will be in the blue family. The old ones were in the green family. Boy those mittens were warm :(

By the way, I bought a pair of Easy Tone sneakers by Reebok. I've worn them for two days (three if you count today, but I didn't do anything all day). I haven't slept this well in years! Could it possibly be the shoes? They are supposed to work the muscles in your butt, hamstrings and calved. Hello butt, I feel you! But if a side effect of my new sneaks is better sleep. Count me as a fan!

Don't know what the next project will be. I might make a little sweater to go with the blanket. Or I might not? Not sure....I'll be sure to let you know.


Blogger Monique said...

Keep us updated on the shoes, been thinking about getting some. But I think my butt may be beyond tennis shoe help :)
BTW, I like the blanket's colors, sure it has that 70's thing going for it, but it is different than the usual blue, pink, or yellow for a baby. If I had a baby, I'd dig it.

9:05 PM  

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