Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A new kind of thinking

Now that the sweater is finished I have nothing to do.

I thought I was going to be SUPER busy working on some fashion week stuff but I - for the first time ever - said no to the project! I feel so relieved. The project was doomed from the start. The timing was bad. The direction was unclear at best. And I just didn't want to deal with designer angst (hers not mine). So I said no.

I feel so liberated! I feel so guilty! I feel so liberated! I feel so guilty!

I'm going to give this new thinking a try. Maybe if I say no to a few projects along the way I won't be so insane all of the time. I'm getting really tired of juggling!

So, now that I have some free time I think I'll graft the underarms of a sweater I made last year. And maybe, just maybe I'll actually knit the button band onto a gorgeous sweater that I made a year ago for my sister in law for her birthday (obviously I missed it!) I'll post a few pics when I finish them!

I also need to make a couple of hats for a friend. Some really AWESOME hats. Innovative, cleaver, gorgeous, unique, hats. Pics to come.

On a sad note, I'm shocked by how many yarn stores have closed. So many stores opened in the early 00's. It was alarming then. I couldn't believe that NYC could sustain so many shops. But now the reality of rent, inventory and a crappy economy have settled in, people just don't have the kind of discretionary income needed to buy really expensive yarn. I don't buy yarn that often. When I do it's usually Jade Sapphire cashmere (because I can't get enough of it in my life). So I don't frequent local yarn stores often. But I like knowing that they are there in case I need something. The other day when my son was having his teeth put back together I wanted to grab a couple of dpns. and I remembered a little yarn store around the corner from the dentist's office. I got there and it was GONE. It had been there since the late 80's. Now it's a dutch book store. Really?

Anyway, happy New Year. I'm going to Montauk where eating, drinking and knitting are on the agenda!


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