Sunday, January 10, 2010

Crappy Crochet

I'm a pretty crappy crochet-er. Seriously. I don't get the whole ch 5 = 3 dc, 2 ch...blah, blah...But I do sometimes like the idea of crochet. Like today for instance.

I need to knit a little something for an acquaintance that is having a baby. It's the kind of acquaintance that I really don't have to knit something for. I mean we are friendly but I never see her. But since I'm a knitter and I NEVER get to knit for babies, I thought I'd do something. This is NOT what I had in mind! However, I'm enjoying it.

I had some Araucania nature cotton in my stash. Probably not enough for a blanket. I also have that Nature cotton stuff by (I can't remember who makes it) but it's everywhere in natural colors. Between the two I think I'll have enough. I have no idea why I started with the granny square. The girl is pretty retro. Very Susie Homemaker. Kind of 50's ish. So I guess I thought the granny square might be nice. Plus for some other unknown reason...I like granny squares!

I opted for one giant granny square instead of a bunch of little ones. This way I'll know how much yarn I have and when I should switch color. I have this color which is actually not orange but more of a salmon. I have a very sweet light green and the off white. So round and round I go with the salmon. Then I guess I'll switch to the off white and finish off with the green. I hope it turns out ok!


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