Sunday, January 03, 2010

A few pieces from the past year

I can't remember the VK issue that this was in. I was knitting it over the summer. So maybe it was in the fall issue? I don't know. It was super fun to knit. NO SLEEVES! Every little bit there would be a change. Cast on, ribbing. Change to pockets. Change to intarsia. Change to shaping. change get the idea. They had me add the fur trim around the hood. I personally would not want fur around my hood but either way. It was a really easy knit.

Again, not sure what issue this showed up in. And again, really fun to knit. Obviously it's a bit more complicated than the one above but equally fun and interesting. As I recall this knit up really quickly.

And here is a photo of my sister -in- law's sweater. Currently it has a GIANT collar on it that I haven't figured out exactly how to secure it to the rest of the sweater. I also had the button bands on but then took them off. Wasn't crazy about how they looked.

I'm hoping to get this thing F I N I S H E D before her birthday in March!


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