Monday, February 01, 2010

Work In Progress Notebook

This appeared in the latest "knitting daily" email. Why I happened to read this one out of the zillion that seem to hit my inbox, I have no idea. However, it's kind of an interesting idea.

I have notebooks that I've purchased at Staples for a number of years. About a year and a half ago I realized they were being discontinued. So of course I purchased every last one in NYC! I have exactly 2 left. They are spiral bound. About 8.5" tall by probably 5" wide (about half the size of a normal sheet of paper). And I use them for all of my knitting projects. I save them all so if someone says - hey, remember that such and such that you made for so and so, I can hopefully grab one of my old notebooks and find the skeleton of a pattern in there. I also use the notebooks for ideas that never hit the needles. They are all neatly stored on my bookshelf and look might impressive (to me at least) when I think about what gems are hidden inside each book.

Anyway, I saw this notebook (pictured). It has knitting graph paper on one side and I believe plain paper on the other. This lets you think, sketch and map out your project all at the same time! Nice! However, I use my notebooks like paper towels. I go through so many sheets of paper for each project...doodling, sketching, calculating, etc. I believe these notebooks only have about 120+ pages in each. I might go through a ton of these notebooks.

Anyway, food for thought!