Monday, August 27, 2007

Knit.1 Fall Issue

I just saw these two pieces in a preview on the Knit.1 website. This means that I should be getting my copy in the mail any day now. I can't wait to see the actual magazine.

This is a jacket - ish cardigan made with Lion Brand Organic Cotton.

And this is the mini jumper with cables made using Wool-ease. The front and the back have the cable pattern.

I can't even begin to tell you what I've done to the asymmetrical cardigan. I've messed up each section in ways that just don't seem possible. I'm finishing up one sleeve and the collar this morning. Blocking it. Then getting it out of here. The best news though is that it's really cool looking. So it sort of makes all of this sturm und drang worth it. I was in N.J. all day yesterday at a barbecue and I felt really silly and anti-social knitting so I basically lost an entire day. AAARRRGGGHHHHH.

I have a house guest coming for a week later today and I need to clean and get it together around here but I also need to knit. I can't wait until this is over....

Better posts in the future. I apologize.

Friday, August 24, 2007


I can only write for 2 minutes because I'm changing balls of yarn and taking a potty break.

I'm re-knitting the asymmetrical eyelet cardi - as I knew I would. I have to make it 8" bigger all around. It wasn't anything that I did incorrectly just a change of plan. I started it yesterday at 4pm. I knit all the way up until I went to bed. I was at the armholes. This morning I got up early and started knitting. After about 5 minutes I somehow realized that my gauge was wrong. I whipped out my handy dandy needle measurer and found that I had knit the whole freakin sweater on the wrong needles. OMG!!! This sweater is due on Sunday. Not the best mistake to have made. So I've been frantically knitting away today. I have to leave for work in 15 minutes. I've passed where I was last night but only by about 6 rows. I'll knit on the subway. Hopefully during happy hour and then maybe force myself to take the train home so I can knit a little more.

The handpainted pullover was a total winner. He loved it. It will look so pretty hanging on a hanger in a fancy boutique. So I don't have to worry about a reknit on this one.

In the meantime, I have to finish 1/2 of a Cowl that I started on wednesday and a scarf for delivery on Monday. And then by friday I have to knit another sweater from the fall collection and 2 more scarves...... O M G. I'm feeling slightly stressed!

The good news is that on wednesday before I went to work I stopped into a restaurant that's opening in the near future and had a little interview. They called today to hire me. Yay. I have to train next week and then ? not sure when the opening is.... I'll know more next week.

Also, the place that I'm working right now is having some problems with the sale so I think it will be open for a few more weeks. Though I'm not at all sure about it.

That's it. Must get back to knitting!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's been a week?

Where have I been?

Let's see, I worked everyday from Wednesday until Saturday. And it was REALLY busy so I was basically useless during the day. Just some knitting and then off to work again.

1. I finished the Eyelet Cardigan. Here's a really crappy photo of it. You can't really get the drape of the sweater from the photo...I'm delivering it today. I should say that I'm presenting it today. There will definitely be some changes....

2. This is a complete redo of the Handpainted Pullover. It is super stretchy and quite pretty. It's being presented today also.

3. & 4. Some fun production pieces have been knit in the last week also... (sorry about the feet!) I'm so over these pieces...can you tell?

5. And another Cowl Sweater...

So let's see, I knit 3 sweaters and 2 scarves in a week. I guess I've been busy knitting. I can't even tell anymore!!

Yesterday was SEWING DAY!! I'm a little excited because I'm on to a new project. YAY.

This is what I'm making. It's a Burda Pattern.

I'm using the custom fabric made for Diane Von Furstenberg fabric that I snatched up at Beckensteins when they were having their $5.00/yard sale. It ended up in the the wrong section!! The sales guy got into trouble but I made off with 3+ yards of super yummy fabric. It's the black/cream fabric in the photo. I have to go to Mood and buy some silk lining today. (Plus I need to buy buttons for my dress that I finished....I need to put up a photo.) I bought this pattern because I didn't want to have side front and back panels. I wanted to keep the print in as few pieces as possible. When I cut it out yesterday I cut the back on the fold so it's one piece - instead of putting in some slight waist shaping and having a, huh? I love the coat. I love the grommets and the ribbon.

I had an interview yesterday for a restaurant manager position. It was an awesome place. But, uh, 5 days a week and $40,000.....are you kidding me? Plus A LOT of work and stress. The restaurant seats over 500 people! I went on the interview because they called but I don't think that's what I'm into. I'll stick to the bartending! The money is WAYYYYYYYY better. I have a few interviews today. What I'm finding is that I can certainly find a job but I'm going to have to be selective as to where I go....So, I guess that's good news.

I also got a call from VK for Spring/Summer. So that's good news too.

So why am I feeling so blah? Must be the weather or perhaps all of the knitting. I still have 8 sweaters, 28 hats and 11 scarves to make. OY!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I finished the body of the Organic Cotton Asymmetrical Eyelet cardigan. It's blocking and is still damp. When it's dry I'll take a photo of it. I have a 4" collar to knit and 2 6" sleeves. Yes, it will be done today! Wooo-hoooo. I'll then tackle the redo of the handpainted pullover. I have to rip back to the first armhole and just knit it back up. I wonder if I could bring it to work with me...Maybe some production piece will come to work instead?

Yesterday during my sewing class I couldn't find the manual to my fabulous new sewing machine. Therefore I couldn't figure out how to do the 8 buttonholes on my dress. So instead I just did some finishing around the neck and fronts. Added the cuffs to the sleeves, blah, blah, blah....

After class I searched for the manual and lo and behold I found it in my files filed under Janome. Go figure. machine has a 1-step buttonholer. SWEET. I knocked my buttonholes out in about 11 minutes. On my own. Never having made a buttonhole before. Perfectly straight, even, spaced.....I'll take a photo of that too! Super exciting. I'm off to buy buttons and some lining for my next project which will be a coat!!!! A Fall coat - not a winter coat! It's really cute. I'll take a photo of that too! The lining has to be something really special. So I might go to Mood to find just the right silk/satin.

Did anyone happen to see the NY Magazine article about Why New Yorkers Live Longer? Really interesting. The faster you walk, the longer you live. I think my mom has that one covered! She walks and walks and walks. I'm a slow walker. I think I need to pick up the pace a little. Well I should say that I like to walk slowly - when I can. I'm probably a faster than normal walker though. I'm always skirting around tourists, getting annoyed that they've just stopped in the middle of the sidewalk for no apparent reason! Anyway, check it out. Definitely food for thought.

That's it for now. Photos later, I hope!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Forward, ho

I quit my belly aching and got down to business. Right after my post on Sunday I started knitting this thing. It's the Organic Cotton Asymmetrical Eyelet Cardigan. I've knit 15". I'm going to knit another 1/2" before the underarm bind off. The right front is only about 5" wide while the left front is about 11.5 (hopefully.) I hope my numbers are correct. It's kind of why I'm adding an extra 1/2 or 3/4" to the body. In case I need to block it wider I won't lose the length. A little long is ok. A little short is Not ok.

Most likely this will be worn inside out (reverse st. st public).

We ended up switching the tank around so now it's worn backwards and inside out. Although when I delivered it yesterday we decided it could be worn 4 ways. Any way it gets put on looks great. Cool! Finished.

I have to frog down to the armholes on the handpainted piece. ( I knew it. That's why I didn't add the sleeves.) maybe I'll work on that tomorrow. It's a pretty straight forward fix. I can get it done in one session. Maybe I'll take it to work with me tomorrow night. Cardi today, handpainted tomorrow.

Speaking of work, the Community Board meets tonight. On the agenda is the transfer of the Double Happiness liquor licenses to Fem Fatale inc. - the new owner. I'm sure it will be unanimously approved and I'll officially be out of work. Once I finish up all of this knitting I'll start looking for a job. A few of my co-workers have already been hired by other bars. I hope I'm not going to have a problem finding a job. I shouldn't (right?)

I have my sewing class today. I think maybe I'm up to the buttonholes. There are 7. I never went to buy buttons for this dress but I'm thinking I can make buttonholes without the actual buttons. I probably just have to decide on button size, right? And the pattern will probably tell me that, right? My dress looks like a really ugly house coat. No kidding. It's super ugly. But for some reason I'm ok with it. I've learned some new and interesting techniques with this so I don't really care what the finished piece looks like. I'll wear it around the house - just like all of the other pieces I've sewn!!

That's it for now. I have to get on with the cardigan....

Sunday, August 12, 2007


What do you do when you have a long To Do list but can't get anything done? How do you motivate yourself?

I've always considered myself highly motivated but this month is making me question that. I know that I have an enormous amount of work to do but I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed. Not in an OMG I can't do this but more in an OMG I don't want to do this....Even when I KNOW that I have a real deadline. Is it just a classic case of don't tell me what to do rebellion? Or is it more that my life is in turmoil and I can't concentrate or DO I JUST HATE KNITTING THE SAME THINGS OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

The reality is that I agreed to do this and I need to just do it. I need to stop bellyaching. I need to get on with the knitting.

I feel better now. Thanks.

I'm now going to graft my shoulder seams and do some number crunching on a cardigan.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Presto Chango!

In it's original form:

My revised form.....

I can't seem to bring myself to pick up the needles today. So I read a little of "Heat" by Bill Buford. But got bored. Grabbed my new tie dye and made this. Easy Peasy, quick and easy. So So sorry about the body photo. Please, no nightmares! My gut seems particularly poufy! I don't think I look like that!! haha!

Do I Have To Go Downtown?

There was so much police activity last night. I haven't seen that many police and emergency vehicles since 9/11. Super Freaky...

This is what Reuters had to say today:

It just makes me want to stay home and knit.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Quick Update

Here's a rough photo of the Habu Handpainted Pullover....The bind off is too tight. But I'm going to wait to fix it until after I present it to T.S. I also haven't knit the sleeves yet....



Some revisions to the Organic Cotton Tank. I've lowered the back. I'll be grafting the shoulders and it appears that I've slightly altered the front neckline. Oh and it's now inside out. The ends will be seen. And the front is the back and the back is the front. Go figure!

New Front: (pre-grafting and pre-weaving in ends.)

and New Back:

I'll be grafting, weaving and blocking tomorrow. Then I think it's finished??

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Round Up

Last night was Stitch & Pitch at Shea. I'll get to that in a minute. First up, the knitting...

I began knitting the Habu Handpainted Pullover yesterday. I'm 10" into it. It's a nightmare all over again. Impossible gauge, no memory, tricky sizing. But this is where I'm at today. And I'm happy to be here. It fit over the shoulders of the dress form (gold star for that). It looks the way I was imagining it would look. (Yay) And even though it's a total nightmare, I'm actually making some progress. I don't want to jinx it but I might get through this today. I'm knitting it in the round IN GARTER STITCH. Huh? Exactly, what's the point of doing it in the round. I have to purl every other round. More importantly, I have to remember to purl every other round. And with the size of these stitches it's not such a breeze! but I'm getting through it. It's no so bad. And ultimately there won't be much seaming. The photos are a little tough to see since the yarn is very close in color to the dress form but here you go...

OK, Stitch and Pitch:

Here's Mr. Met with the scarf that was made for him. This was crocheted and the pattern was a free giveaway in the goody bag. This was right before we (the committee) went on the field for a SPECIAL RECOGNITION before the game. Kind of funny.

Here's Mr. Met with Lily Chin. Check out what she's wearing!! She's nuts. She made an entire uniform. 50 cotton/50 wool with a heat index over 100!! No really, check her out up, bottom, hat, glove (in Mr. Mets hand)

This is Stacy and Deborah. They made this whole event happen. I can't think of better Chair - folks. My vote is for them to do it again next year!!

There's an article and photo in the NY Times this morning about last night. I opted out of that photo deciding to keep an eye out on all of the goody bags. Speaking of goody bags....ours had some really great stuff....circular needles, light up needles, yarn, patterns, magazines, etc. People liked them so much they want more than their share!! haha. Giveaways are never pretty, particularly at a baseball game. But all in all it went really well. I haven't been to too many baseball games since leaving Major League Baseball so it was fun to be back down on the field, in the tunnel, in the team offices. Reminded me of the good old days.

Back to reality.....

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Stitch & Pitch, Today!!

Wait...first up, I finished another scarf. This is the longer, wider, Turtleneckier one. I was catching up on some reading and went an inch or two too long on the t-neck. Oh well, this customer gets some extra love. Suh-weeet.

I have to be at Shea at 4:30 for some pre-game stuff. Not sure what that means. I'll let you know tomorrow. I'll be handing out the tote bags (i.e. schwaaaaag!!!) up until the 2nd inning (I think). So if you see me, say how-dee.

I'm off to start the newest incarnation of the Habu Handpainted Pullover. Let's see, I've made 4 sweaters/pullovers of this so far. I'm doing a whole new design this time. Fock the yoke collar!! This will have some version of set in sleeves. Thank the good Lord above!!

By the way, according to all of the tv news programs this morning, every subway line was screwed up because of the rainfall. NYC proper got like 2.xx inches. Doesn't seem like that would shut down an entire transit system. (I'm not even talkin about nj transit or metro north) Maybe the terrorists should think about using water next time. They don't even need that much!!

Off to knit some more!~~

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

#3 - Finished but not Blocked

Here it is. I finished it last evening....




This was pretty much straight forward knitting in the round up to the armholes. The front was stockinette and the back has an eyelet pattern. Every 10 rows, every 10 stitches alternating what stitch the pattern starts on so that the eyelets are offset. I then did a 3 needle bo at the shoulder. I might undo that and graft the seams. I have to present this to T.S. (that's why I didn't block it yet!) If there are any changes I'll for sure change the shoulder. If it's love at first sight - it stays as is. And #3 will be completed.

I've decided in order to get through all of this knitting I'm going to design and knit a piece and then knit a production pieces - alternating. I think it will keep me sane. I've started another scarf - zzzzzzzzzzzz!

I just went to Target to check out the Libertine collection. Super Cute. On my way home I was taking serious interest in the subway station mosaic designs. Every subway station has it's own specific colors and pattern on the walls - in tile. No two stations in the entire system are the same! Some would make the most gorgeous fair isle designs. I see a long subway ride with camera in my future! Stay tuned.

I have my sewing class today. I haven't had one in a little while. The last one sucked! I think I was hungover and really tired. Hopefully today's will be better! I'm almost finished with the shirtdress. I see it with a wide brown leather belt with a great big bronze buckle....

Monday, August 06, 2007

The Eyelets have it

Ok, this is where I was on Saturday. I'd finished this Pull Thru Scarf

And I started the Organic Cotton Eyelet Tank as seen here:

I took it to work on Saturday night. I was able to make a little headway. I had plans yesterday but brought it with me again and here's where I am

Front - finished.

Back - almost finished. The top that you see underneath is what I'm using for shaping. Not Bad!! You can't even see it on the photo of the front! So I have about 7" left on the back and then finished. It's been pretty quick and easy. I have to work out the eyelet placement with the armhole decreases but shouldn't be too hard.

Back to work! Finished top photos later or tomorrow!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Two Down

I just tried to upload some pix but my battery ran out. It's charging now so I'll have photos tomorrow.

I've completed one Pull Thru Scarf. It took way too long. This is a one skein of Eco Wool project. Literally it takes the whole skein except for maybe 3 yards. About 450 yds. It took me weds. night at work, yesterday during the Bourne Ultimatum and 8 rows this morning to finish it. Too long. Anyway, it's finished. So...

The Habu Cotton Superlong Tank - finished
1 Pull Thru Scarf - finished

I've just knit up one ball of the Organic Cotton Eyelet Tank. The top is exactly 4" long. By my calculations I'll need 6 balls in total to finish this baby. Which again according to my calculations, means I am 1/6th closer to finishing. It's definitely going on the subway and spending a little lounge time with me tonight at work. Maybe by the morning I'll be 1/3rd of the way....Maybe...

This coming Wednesday is STITCH & PITCH at Shea Stadium. After the goody bag stuffing party Lily Chin had this to say:

Hi, just got back from the "stuffing party" for the NY Mets Stitch 'N Pitch and boy, am I *psyched*. Cannot WAIT for the game. It was a lot of hard work, but I guarantee everyone will ooohhh and ahhhh over all the goodies in the goody bag. There were about 4 balls of yarn and several pattern books from yarn companies (multiple patterns in full color!) as well as full magazines from the Vogue Knitting people and the Interweave folks. There were tons of single-page patterns, including some exclusively for Stitch 'N Pitch like a knitted baseball cap and one knitted and one crocheted baseball scarf. I could go on. Needless to say (or maybe that's NEEDLES to say - hehehe), we worked our tushies off putting sooo many wonderful things together in the cute Mets tote with the logo which also says Stitch 'N Pitch. I'll see everyone at the game.

Sounds exciting!!!! I had to miss the stuffing party because my dates got messed up. I confirmed that it was on Wednesday but it ended up being on Thursday. Dangity Dang, I really wanted to go. Anyway, I'm going to the game. Anyone reading this that lives in the NY area should consider it. The tickets are only 15.00 and you get the above mentioned SWAG!!! Weds night Atlanta vs New York.

Come on out and support your craft!

Friday, August 03, 2007


Relief can come in many forms. For me it was hearing that August 25th isn't the last day I'll be working at Double Happiness. Given the list of projects that I need to complete in the next few weeks, I couldn't figure out when I'd have time to job hunt. Now, fate has stepped in and given me a stay of, of, closure. I think it's been pushed back to sometime in September. Hopefully I'll find out more today?????

Habu Cotton Super Long Tank - Done.... In full disclosure, I was actually finished with it but then we decided to have Tom's machine knitter add the armhole and neck edging to this....I made this before Berlin Fashion Week but the straps just weren't correct. So I ripped back about 6" and re-knit. Isn't it pretty?



I have about 8" to go on one of the Pull Thru Scarves. My hands are killing me. The scarf is knit on size 15's. Ouch. It's actually my left wrist and palm that hurt. Weird. Once I finish the scarf I'll be moving on to this:

Organic cotton. I'll start designing the eyelet pieces. I think I'll be using size 7's so hopefully my wrist will feel better. I don't have any time or tolerance for pain issues. I need to keep knitting!!

Have you seen the new Interweave Knits? You may remember that I had some "issues" with some older, established designers that had a problem with Eunny Jang taking the reins. (jealousy, bitterness, whatever) This is Eunny's first issue and I think she may have just said "Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!" It's awesome. She should be totally proud of it and pleased with herself. There are KNITTING patterns. Not the same old, same old. Techniques, ideas, challenges. It's really the magazine I'd like to read and knit from. It has a stellar line up of really interesting, fun, beautiful patterns. Very impressive. Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Garments to be completed by August 30th.......

Production Knitting:

Style # of Pieces
Cowl Sweater - 8
Garter Sweater - 1
Pull Thru Scarf - 5
T-Neck Scarf - 2
1/2 & 1/2 Scarf - 6
Hats (various styles) - 28

Design & Knit for Spring '08

Cotton eyelet cardigan - 1
Cotton eyelet tank - 1
Habu cotton super long tank - 1
Hand dyed pullover - 1

Can I do it?