Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm Still here!

The Master Cleanse has literally wiped me out. I haven't had the energy nor the inclination to do ANYTHING. All I want to do is sleep. I'm on day 11. I actually feel ok today. But it's been a seriously rough 10 days! I worked 8 of them and that was horrible.

The only good news is that I started knitting a dress that coincides with starting the cleanse. I'll try to get some photos. I'm using Calmer in black so I'm not sure if I'll get anything that shows detail. I think it's going to be cute but am a little concerned about gauge. I was too tired to do anything about it. I've started at the bottom so if there is too much fabric when I get to the empire waist area, I'll just figure it out....I'll probably run out of yarn before I get there though. I had a bag of 10 but my stitch pattern is eating up the yarn....

I'm FINALLY handing off the cardigan for VK tomorrow. I should be writing the pattern right now but I don't want to! I just wrote up most of it but there are some problems. When I graded it up for the larger sizes I messed up the back neck measurement so everything is off. I have to rework the shoulder BO. Easy but yet I don't want to do it.

This just came to my inbox yesterday. A Fall Preview for VK. This is a Rebecca Taylor cardi/shrug that I reinterpreted for VK. I was given the actual Rebecca Taylor sample and was asked to recreate it for handknitting. Here it is. I'll look and see if I have photos of the actual sample. I think I do. It's knit in Lacey Lamb. A delightful (yet pilly) laceweight yarn.

I'll try to be back more often. I feel some knitting coming on. So I'll have lots to show....