Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hey, that's cute!

The Vogue Knitting Preview is up on their website....

I have this cute design in it!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Trimming Decided

I've decided on a trim for the Marc Jacobs inspired sweater. Simple. Easy. Moss st. For the collar I'm going to turn and NOT wrap. Blasphemy, I know. But I like it. I think it will be a wide peter pan collar.

I'm just waiting for the body and sleeves to dry. I'll sew it together and then get kickin on the finishing.

In the meantime, I have been studying new drinks for work. We are implementing a whole new Beverage Program at work. What a nightmare!! We are moving to Classic Cocktails. Jiggering. Glacier Ice. Kold Draft ice machine. Yee ha.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tidying Up

I finished up the green seamless sweater. No excitement there. It grew after blocking which explains my gauge issues. (Which I secretly thought would happen, yay!) It's fine. It's ugly but not soooo ugly. Enough said...

I'm adding an edging to a project for knit.1. Easy peasy. I have half of it finished. I'll finish that up this morning before I go to work.

I'll knit up the the other sleeve to the Marc Jacobs inspired cardi on the train. I'll redo the other sleeve. Then I'll concoct a collar. I have some ideas.

Then what should I do. Oh yes, the male sweater. eh. maybe. I don't know that I feel like knitting with tweed right now. Or maybe I just REALLY want to knit those Vinterblomster Mittens. I have to find the proper yarn. I know that one of my colors is a metallic pink that Tanis at VK gave me. I think it might do a chocolate brown and a green. But I'm not sure. Everytime that I'm in a yarn store I don't have the pattern or the notes giving me suggested gauge.

There is a new beverage program going into effect at work so I'm supposed to be studying up on that. I may be distracted for a few days! but ususally that just makes me knit more!

Have a nice day.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Grafting, Weaving and Blocking

Well, the ugly sweater is finished. Except for grafting the underarms, weaving in ends and blocking. And believe it or not it's not that ugly! Snap! It fits a much smaller person that I intended. Did I mention I had gauge issues?

I'll take a better photo when it really is totally finished. But I have to say this couldn't have been easier. I enjoy seaming my garments but in this case, eh. I can do without. I definitely understand why people only knit seamless pieces. I'll have to explore this further. Maybe I'll try a seamless sweater with set in sleeves. It can be done, right?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

So, a box of yarn showed up at my door...

I received a box of yarn in the mail. It had this relatively UGLY yarn in it. 16 balls of it to be exact. 87 yards each. Instead of swatching for the man sweater like I intended, I brought my size 13 needles and this is what I ended up with after my commute....A sweater? Really?

I'm slightly confused as to the gauge but I'm just going to make a bottom up seamless sweater. It will fit someone. (Although It's kind of ugly.) It's actually a little better in person but not much!

Stay tuned.

I actually did swatch a little. Though you can't really see it here. I was just messing around with an 18 stitch braid. I wasn't really counting rows so it's slightly haphazard.

but whatev...I've figured out the design already so when I finish the swamp surprise sweater above, I'll start in on it!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Not so much

Well, I didn't finish this sweater like I thought I would over the weekend. I thought for sure on the train out to the Hamptons I'd get most of it finished. I had to stand all of the way to Bridgehampton. So no knitting!

Once I arrived it just didn't work out like I planned. I was only able to knit on my way home last night. Which was totally fine.

I'm a knucklehead, I forgot to switch to larger needles after the ribbing on the sleeve. So, I think I'll do the second sleeve the correct way and then compare.

Also, I feel like the collar bind off is too high in front. and perhaps the shoulders are too high.

But the back is lovely. Unless I lower the shoulders in which case I'd have to redo a couple of rows on the back. No biggie.

The larger question looming is what to do on the collar. And what to do on the button band. I'm thinking stockinette. But again....not sure.

I'm actually thinking about a rounded collar that uses short rows and I wouldn't hide the turns. So it would create a line of small holes???? Might be nice against the stitch pattern of the body...?????

and the button needs to be sturdy that's all I know right now. I don't want a flimsy button band or collar. Both need to support the body.

In the meantime, while I'm thinking about that, I'm going to swatch two yarns today for a sweater for a man. It's going to be done in the round. Very straightforward. It will have a relatively large center cable that works it's way all the way up to the the bind off of the mock turtleneck. I'll show you what I mean next time.