Thursday, October 11, 2007


The Malabrigo yarn that I used for the two hats that I recently made was called GRUESA. I couldn't remember it yesterday but just found the label.

Plata 124
Super Bulky Thick & Thin
Approx. 3.5 oz.
Yards: 65, 2.25 st. per "
Needle size: 13
Hand wash, dry flat

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I THOUGHT I was back. Guess not. I won't be saying that again! I just received my copy of VK Holiday. I have 3 pieces in it. I only get credit for one.

This is one of the sweaters that I've been knitting all summer long. Now you can knit it too! It's super easy and looks great....(and that's Tom!)

Here's another one...I'm not completely excited with the styling of this but I made it and that's nice.

And finally, the third piece I do get credit for is in a section called Nutcracker Sweet.

There are some really nice pieces in this section. Tanis has a great sweater and Shiri made a super sweet dress... Check it out.

Anyway, there has been knitting but nothing to show. Same old, same old. I'm slightly burned out. I've made a couple of hats out of a bulky thick and thin Malabrigo. The yarn is awesome. Maybe I'll photograph the hats. One is 1/2 st. st and 1/2 garter. Kind of cool.

I've been working at the new place. I'm probably going to quit as soon as I find something else. It's completely stressing me out. I'm working 5 nights a week and making no money. (NO BUENO) I met with a club owner today and he is calling a guy that I've wanted to work with for 2 years. I HOPE HE MAKES THE CALL!!! I don't want to say anymore. MAKE THE CALL!!!

I'm hoping there is some knitting in my future that is fun. Oh, the hats were fun but I'm talking sweaters. I've sketched a little but seem to have misplaced the sketches. My brain is not functioning properly. TOOO MUUUCH STRESSSSS.

There is some Jade Cashmere resting a few feet away from me. I swatched a little but didn't like the fabric that it was creating. I'd love a sweater out of it. But it totally needs to be special....hmmmmm. I also need to finish sewing my coat. Now that I'm on my own (I had to quit my sewing lessons due to lack of time) I'll have to work extra hard on it! Maybe tonight....

That's it for now. Maybe I'm back this time??