Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hello, is this on?

Where did I go????

It looks like I've been MIA since October????

I can't come up with any reasonable explanation for my absence. I've been knitting every day (almost) since I was last here. And I've been Bartending most of those days too. So not too much has changed. I've just been super busy.

My new job (from last aug/sept) keeps me busy. I don't make as much money as I did before so I have to work more days. Plus there is definitely NO KNITTING at this job. Which means my actual knitting hours have been dramatically reduced. Which blows.

I finished all of the fall production pieces for Tom Scott. It was nightmarish but I finished it all with all body parts intact!! And a firm understanding that I despise production knitting. Then came the spreadsheet for spring production. I thought I would be really smart and farm it out with knitters that wanted to make a little (very little) extra money. What is it with people (except my sister). I mean, people just totally flaked. A couple people needed like 3 months to knit a simple little cardigan... I'm not judging but when I put out a call for production knitters don't respond if you really can't do it. That's all. Some got the yarn and then didn't complete the piece...I could go on. I ended up with more of a mess than when I started. While all of this was going on Fashion Week was looming in the near distance. I had to design a ton of hand knits for Tom Scott's collection. Of course the new pieces were infinitely more interesting than the production stuff. AND I had those supposed helpful production knitters.....Anyway, it all got done (Fashion Week). I hurt my hands really badly and was ultimately unable to work on the spring pieces. I felt horrible about it but I had to lay off the needles. Weird. It made me feel like I was the flake!

While laying off the needles I finished up a piece for VK Fall, I think. I dropped it off the other day. I was officially finished with all of my deadline knitting. It was the first time in a while. But of course while I was at the VK offices I agreed to a new sweater. I'm picking up the yarn later today! Obviously my hands are feeling better.

This is one of the tank tops for Spring....I finally got a realistic photo of it.

I didn't get many photos of the new Fall pieces. I basically just forgot to photograph them. But here is one of the scarves. It's about 80" long and maybe 12 or 13" wide. It's 4 strands of EcoWool using size 35 needles!!

This is a coat that's worked side to side. It's a square. There is a giant cable on the back between the armholes. It looked amazing on the models.

Oh and this is another storyline from the collection. This is a crazy scarf but there was a hat and sweater that went with it. There are 3 different yarns being used...wook, silk bias tape and a patent leather tape...crazy.

This is the Twinkle Dress from the last VK magazine. A sweet 12 year old girl made it with a little modification help from me. She shortened the sleeves and the length. And she used different yarn than was suggested. And she added the ribbons. Super cute on. Better than it looks here!

Hopefully I'll be back more often.


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