Thursday, March 27, 2008

Prosecco Elbow aka Tennis Elbow!

There hasn't been much about the night job lately so here's the news:

I have Prosecco Elbow! Crazy, I know. One of our house cocktails contains Prosecco. I open A LOT of bottles throughout the course of a night. And if I work a few nights in a row they really add up. Well, we recently changed to a different winery. The corks in these bottles just won't budge. And since I'm pretty much the only one that deals with making this drink, everyone thought I was just being a baby. Well, I wasn't and now I'm wearing a tennis elbow thing around my forearm. Tennis Elbow is nothing to sneeze at. It REALLY hurts. I have that feeling that you get after you run a marathon and you need to go down a flight of stairs. Your legs feel like they have the flu. It is so painful and uncomfortable. That's how my arm feels...from my elbow on down. OUCH!!!! I iced it non stop until I had to go to work today. I'm hoping to keep icing it while I sleep.

Anyway, I have one full repeat finished on the VK project. It's kind of fun. I was getting my hair cut today and forgot my cable needle so I borrowed some hair salon doo-dad that worked just fine. I have to measure gauge and all in the morning...just to be sure I'm on track.

I need to go to sleep now.


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